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Frozen Pipes


You want to take a nice hot bath after a heavy day but no water comes out of the tap? Do not panic!
You may have to thaw one of the frozen tubes and Plumber King Pico Rivera is here to help you do it. Find out how.

You have just arrived home after a busy day of work and cannot wait to relax. Leave the icy air behind and as soon as you enter, pleasant warmth welcomes you. Already enjoy the idea of immersing yourself in a relaxing bath where you let yourself be enveloped by a cloud of scented foam. Take out a soft bathrobe, place the lighted candles, take the bubble bath and place your favorite book or tablet on the poolside. Open the tap and … the water doesn’t come out!

How to identify frozen pipes

Why are frozen pipes a problem (especially in mountainous areas) and you have to find them? The ice inside the pipes exerts a very strong pressure towards the pipe walls causing them to break. The discomfort that is created does not simply concern a temporary lack of water, due to the temporary block, but it constitutes a structural damage that can cost thousands of dollars.

How to thaw frozen pipes

Once the frozen pipes are identified, it is necessary to melt the ice inside them. To defrost the icy pipes outside, a hair dryer can be used, paying attention to direct the air to the entire length of the tube, wind them in a spiral with a heating cable for water pipes or with a well-wrung hot towel, then pour a bit of salt in the drainage of the pipes that favors the melting of the ice (like when you throw on the roads).

If the pipes are inside the walls, then raise the temperature.


What to do to find the iced pipes?

Open all the taps at home to see if the problem is located at a specific point. You could identify the stretch between two taps from which the water does not come out in one and from the other yes and thus restrict the problem. Also open those blocked to relieve pressure.


The truth is that the processes are very rigorous, we just gave you a tip of the ice berg, that is why you need the know-how of professional plumbers like Plumber King Pico Rivera’s team.

However, we hope with these suggestions are a bit helpful. In the event that you are unable to identify the frozen piping, or you think you need to break a wall, before embarking on this venture, which may be uncertain for you and demanding for your pockets, do not hesitate to call our professional plumbers of Plumber King Pico Rivera’s team. We will evaluate your case by making a free inspection not only for interventions for frozen water pipes, but also in the event of:
Emergency services for homes, offices and shops
Then contact our experienced plumbers and request a free quote! We will reply as soon as possible providing you with all the assistance necessary to restore the correct flow of water in your home and let you soak in the much-needed and deserved restorative bath.

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