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Why Us

Why call Plumber King Pico Rivera as soon as

possible for leak repairs?

To keep residents a place if you’re a comfortable place to live it is essential to make your plumbing network working properly. Especially if your home is old, the old building requires maintenance and care. We know most of the people from you ignore small leaks and try to fix it by yourself with our knowing the consequence of it in future.

Leaks AFFECT your apartments and home

Water leaks in your home in Unites states lead to 1 million gallons of water waste every year. This amount of water the citizen of the United States uses every year. Some common leaks are :

  • Dripping faucets
  • Leaky valves
  • Worn toilet flappers 

Sometimes it doesn’t need professional help but some it does.


How do you know that it needs professional repair?

  • Are you utilizing 12,000-gallon water or more /month? Means some leak is present.
  • When there is no use of water, but still water meter is showing the same reading means there is a leak.
  • By color test method you can detect toilet leaks.

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