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Professional plumbing services in Pico Rivera

Why wait? Get the best affordable service for your plumbing system in Pico Rivera. Repairs and installation at minimal rates!

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Emergency Plumber in Pico Rivera

Plumber King Pico Rivera’s team does not sleep. Therefore, they are ready with their plumbing truck and equipment to reach problematic areas 24 hours a day.

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Residential plumbing services in Pico Rivera

There is not much difference in commercial and residential plumbing services. However, residential plumbing is more precise and less invasive. That’s why our plumbers are trained in Residential plumbing.

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Commercial plumbing services

Our Pico Rivera plumbers are very experienced in Commercial Plumbing. Therefore, they understand the importance of a functioning plumbing system.

Do you need water filtration system repair?

For the safety of your family from water born diseases, your water filtration plant should be working correctly. Therefore, regular maintenance and repair are required. To be sure, hire us!


Welcome To Plumber King Pico Rivera

Plumber King Pico Rivera proudly serves the city and people of Pico Rivera, California. Because of the huge success in our business, we have opened a franchise in your area. This because our goal was, and still is, to have our customers feel worry free in their home with a good, up and working, plumbing system.

Call Plumber King Pico Rivera when your water is backed up or when you have other plumbing issues in your home or business. Because our slogan says it all, call Plumber King Pico Rivera without looking at the clock. We want to serve you, and help you in any time of plumbing troubles.

We are professionals. No plumbing is too big for us.

We’re experienced with the most common problems, here are a few we deal with on day to day basis: