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What To Do When I Have Flood In My House

Flooding is a natural disaster mostly common as a phenomenon that pertains to the outdoors. The largest percentage of flooding recorded is usually limited to the streets and riverine areas, but what can be done when the little drops of water in the zinc accumulate and find their way to the kitchen floor, then the dining room before checking out how the living room is set. On a more serious note, flooding is a serious and very possible occurrence in the house if proper care is not given to the drainage system or if the tap is left open as a result of negligence.

Flooding in the house is usually an event to forget, especially when electronic appliances get damaged in the process, or helpless pets drown and are left lifeless. To avoid this event, proper care must be taken to put all that is related to drainage in checks and in their perfect states before leaving the house either for a short or long term.

If it is now the case that the drainage is already clogged, or the tap has let out more than the required amount of water before it is discovered, what should be done to get rid of the excess water and leave the house in a better condition? Below are some tested and efficient steps to take to have a better outcome:

  • The first step is to ensure that the safety of everyone in the house is guaranteed, if not, it is advisable that the house is being vacated until a solution could be proffered. Among the likely situations to watch out for during flooding are weak or soaked walls that could collapse anytime, spilled chemical mixed with the water which could cause irritation on human skin or harm the pets, displaced electrical wares that could conduct electricity, in other words, cause electrocution.
  • Turn off every source of electricity in the house.
  • Call for help before a plumber arrives (remember to call a plumber first).
  • Put a call through to a fast and ready plumbing agency to come and offer an emergency plumbing service at the affected area (If the case is that of faulty drainage or water system). Plumbers know exactly how to handle situations of this nature and should be called upon when the flooding is perceived to be getting out of hand.
  • Start the cleaning of the affected area and prevent every likely cause of subsequent flooding in the house. Keep the sources of water out of the reach of children, be vigilant and conscious of the use and aftermath of taps in the house. Keep items that could clog the waterways away from them. Ensure that the flooded area is kept as dry as possible

Although flooding is an unforeseen event that could occur when it is least prepared for, adequate care should be taken at intervals, and regular checks on the water system should be allowed to be carried out by professional plumbers.

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